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Welcome to

Ad Astra Infant School

Vision and Aims

There are two parts to our work with children; doing the job and improving the job. To improve our work we need to be clear about our vision and aims, and continually refine these. Our strategy for improvement was re-drafted in October 2009 and staff work in Development Teams to drive forward our goals. Our aims and mission are as follows:


We believe that we can achieve our aims through providing the following:

  1. A safe, secure and stimulating learning environment

  2. An ethos of care, positive behaviour and respect

  3. Good teaching of the basic skills

  4. A broad and balanced curriculum that promotes creativity and the arts

  5. An enriching programme of extra curricular activities and visits

  6. Learning partnerships between school, home and the wider community

  7. Positive role models

  8. Up to date resources

  9. High quality accommodation

  10. A continual focus on improvement by working as a learning community with other schools and agencies

  11. Having high expectations


Ad Astra Infant School promotes high achievement and learning for life by working with children to help them:

  1. Enjoy and celebrate their achievements and uniqueness on their journey to become independent learners

  2. Gain the confidence, skills and knowledge so that they may reach their potential in all areas of learning

  3. Make a positive contribution to the local and global community and develop good attitudes in order to participate in an ever changing world

  4. Have a sense of awe and wonder and develop an awareness and respect for others and the environment

  5. Have a growing understanding of how to stay safe and be healthy in mind, body and spirit

  6. Foster a motivation and desire for lifelong learning