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Rights Respecting


Ad Astra Infant School is working towards becoming a ‘Rights Respecting’ school. An integral part of this is teaching the children that they have ‘rights’ and in order to receive these ‘rights’ they (or others) have a responsibility. For example, every child has the right to learn and they therefore have the responsibility to work in harmony with others and try their best. These have been discussed and agreed with the children and made into a class charter that each child has ‘signed up’ to. The charters are displayed in every classroom.

Because your child’s education and welfare is as important to us as it is to you, we also have a ‘Home-School’ agreement for children and parents. We hope that this will help ensure a closer working relationship between the school and families. The full list of ‘rights and responsibilities’ can be found in the ‘Home-School’ agreement. Two copies are attached – one to be signed and returned to school, and the other to be kept at home.

Your child may have come home from school talking excitedly about the new ‘golden tokens’ on offer. This addition to our behaviour policy will allow children to earn golden tokens for their class. The golden tokens can be given to individual children or to whole classes by any member of staff for behaviours such as quiet walking around the school and being especially polite, helpful and caring. The class that has earned the most golden tokens will be presented with the ‘Charter Champions Cup’ in assembly. Photos will be uploaded onto the school website.

Full details of this and other changes can be found on our updated behaviour policy which will be added to the school website in the coming weeks.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind parents that these rules apply before and after school and we ask parents and carers to support us with this in order to ensure a calm playground and a calm start to the school day.

The children have been reminded that before and after the school day they must not ride bikes/scooters around school grounds; they must not climb over walls or on play equipment; and they must be within sight of their parent/carer.


We thank you for your ongoing support.