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Ad Astra Infant School

Recent letters

PTA Design a firework competition - (20.10.17).docx.pdfNut Allergy (14.11.14)

Email Opt Out letter (4.9.15)

Family Support Worker (2.9.15)

Letter re Email Communication (22.9.15)

Social Media Advice to Parents (9.2.16)

Rights Respecting (23.2.16)

Home-School Agreement (23.2.16)

September 2016

EYFS Reading workshop

Beaulieu Trip

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Years 1 & 2 Reading Workshops

Harvest Festival

Parent Evenings

Cinema Visit

Years 1 & 2 Maths Workshops

Leave of Absence (5.10.16)

PTA Nomination Form (7.10.16)

School Council Elections (7.10.16)

Tempest Photography (7.10.16)

Sparks in the Dark (20.10.16)

November 2016

Children in Need (4.11.16)

Movie Night (9.11.16)

Bereavement Counselling

Hot Meal Welcome Letter (Nov 2016)

Ordering Hot Meals (Nov 2016)

Xmas Save Dates (17.11.16)

EYFS Daily Echo Photos (18.11.16)

Flying Pizza Pantomime (23.11.16)

Letter from CEO (22.11.16)

Christmas Crafty Club (28.11.16)

Pantomime (29.11.16)

Teddy Adoption (29.11.16)

December 2016

Carol Concert Year 1 (01.12.16).pdf

Carol Concert Year 2 (01.12.16).pdf

Revised Chartwells HSM Information (01.12.16).pdf

PTA Christmas Disco (01.12.16).pdf

PTA Christmas Gift Letter (01.12.16).pdf 

Christmas Performance EYFS (01.12.16).pdf

Consultation poster (02.12.16).pdf 

Ad Astra Landmark Exhibition 2016 Year 2.pdf

School Car Park (06.12.16).pdf

Party Day and Christmas Events (07.12.16).pdf

Reading Treat Letter.pdf

Year 1 Spellings (14.12.16).pdf

January 2017

Code Club (04.01.17).pdf

Great Fire of London Year 2 (05.01.17).pdf

School Closure Information (11.01.17).pdf

Parent Evening Online Feb 2017 (13.01.17).pdf

Movie Night - January 26th (16.01.17).pdf

Assessing Your Child - Year 1 & 2 (18.01.17)

Facebook and Other Social Media (18.01.17)

Ballet - Year 1 and 2 (19.01.17).pdf

Running Club - Year 1 and 2 (20.01.17).pdf

Year 2 Spellings (20.01.17).pdf

Advice for parents - Internet Safety Day 17 (25.01.17).pdf

Charity Letter (30.01.17).pdf

Rights Respecting Week (31.01.17).pdf

February 2017

TEACH Music Letter (01.02.17).pdf

TEACH Music Timetable - Ad Astra (01.02.17).pdf

Book Week Letter (03.02.17).pdf

Oceanarium Letter (08.02.17).pdf

Reading Rewards Letter (23.02.17).pdf

Year 2 Revision Guides (28.02.17).pdf

 March 2017

Red Nose Day 2017 (03.03.17).pdf

EYFS Bus Trip (17.03.17).pdf

Scarlet Fever Letter (21.03.17).pdf

Year 2 Permission to watch Matilda (23.03.17).pdf

PTA Easter Treat Day (23.03.17).pdf

Easter Treat Day Arrangements (23.03.17).pdf

April 2017 

Breakfast Club - Booking on School Gateway (05.04.17) .pdf

KS1 Sats Inforamtion (07.04.17).pdf

KS1 Sats Leaflet (07.04.17).pdf

Hot School Meals (26.04.17).pdf

May 2017

Walk to School Week & Sponsored Bounce (04.05.17).pdf

Consultation letter for proposed changes to school day timings at Haymoor Junior school (04.05.17).pdf

Books at Bedtime - Sponsored Read (12.05.17).pdf

CARGO Project (12.05.17).pdf

Movie Night 25th May (16.05.17).pdf

Yr 1 & 2 PSHCE Letter (16.05.17).pdf

SATS Letter May17 (22.05.17).pdf

Morning Run at HJS (22.05.17).pdf

Just Crafty June - July (25.05.17).pdf

Books at Bedtime Sponsor Form (25.05.17).pdf

Upton Country Park trip (26.05.17).pdf 

June 2017

 Music Letter 09.06.17.pdf

TEACH Musical Instrument Tuition 2017-2018.pdf

Year 2 - Year 3 Transition Ad Astra.pdf

Life Education Bus 2017.pdf

Sports Day Letter 2017.pdf

Ad Astra and Haymoor Staffing Changes For Sept 2017 - 120617.pdf

Advisory Board Letter (16.06.17).pdf

TEACH Medical Policy Letter (16.06.17).pdf

FOAA Summer Fayre Update (16.06.17).pdf

Staffing Changes for September 2017.pdf

 M & M Productions July 2017.pdf

July 2017

 AA Meet new teacher.pdf


September 2017

Staffing Update - (06.09.17).pdf

Collection List - (07.09.17).pdf

Y1 & 2 - Music Club - (11.09.17).pdf

Jeans for Genes - (12.09.17).pdf

AA Adult Helper Invite 2017 - (12.09.17).pdf

Y2 Only - Junior School Open Evening - (13.09.17).pdf

MacMillan Coffee Morning - (14.09.17).pdf

Y1 & 2 - Multi Sports Club - (14.09.17).pdf

Sponsored Read Letter and Form 2017 - (15.09.17).pdf

Parents Evening October 2017 - (18.09.17).pdf

EYFS - Phonics meeting 2017 - (19.09.17).pdf

Y2 Cockle Trail Trip (19.09.17).pdf

Harvest - (22.09.17).pdf

Poole Parents Voice - (28.09.17).pdf


October 2017

Y2 Streetwise - (02.10.17).pdf

Walk around local area - (02.10.17).pdf

Y1 and Y2 - PTA Disco - (02.10.17).pdf

Y1 and Y2 AA - Cursive Handwriting - (10.10.17).pdf

EYFS - African drumming (10.10.17).pdf

Just Crafty - (11.10.17).pdf

Shoebox Appeal - (12.10.17).pdf

Vision Screening Opt Out Form 2017 (12.10.17).pdf

Sound books October 2017 - (13.10.17).pdf

Stand Up To Cancer - (17.10.17).pdf

Fraser Portraits Haymoor and Ad Astra - (17.10.17).pdf

Library letter - (17.10.17).pdf

Y2 - Foundation Sports Club - (19.10.17).pdf

MM Productions Aladdin - (19.10.17).pdf

FOAA - Christmas Fair teddy and toy donation letter - (19.10.17).pdf

EYFS Transition questionnaire - (20.10.17).pdf

EYFS Reading at home - (20.10.17).pdf

Y2 The Great Fire of London - (20.10.17).pdf

Ad Astra Infant School - Diary Dates for parents 30 Oct - 15th Dec - (20.10.17).pdf

Football Club - (30.10.17).pdf


November 2017

 Children in Need 2017 - (0311.17).pdf

 Movie Night PTA - (07.11.17) pdf

PTA Christmas Fair Raffle - (9.11.17).pdf

PTA Design a cracker competition - (9.11.17).pdf

Carols by torchlight poster - (10.11.17).pdf

Carols by Torchlight - (10.11.17).pdf

Friendship Week Letter - (13.11.17).pdf

Y1 & 2 Cooking Club Letter - (20.11.17).pdf