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If your child has been sick or had an upset tummy, the current information is that they have to have 48 hours clear from their last episode. This is to limit the spread of germs and this is a Borough of Poole guideline. Please let the school office know ASAP if your child will not be in school and the reason why. If your child has been diagnosed with chickenpox etc which means they might be off for a few days, please let the office know on the first day, and then call again on day 3 to update us on how long you think they might be absent from school.

If you need to remove your child for dental or similar treatment, please let the class teacher know in advance and put it in writing so this will be recorded on your child's attendance register. Please ensure that you bring the appointment card with you when you arrive at the office to collect your child.

If the school has received no explanation for a child's absence then we will aim to contact you by email or telephone via a process called 'First Day Contact'. The school will contact you during the first day of absence and seek an explanation about why your child is not in school today.


Leave of absence during term time 

The Department for Education made amendments to the 2006 Education Act (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 which came into force on 1st September 2013. The amendments remove previous references to the allowance of family holiday and extended leave. This new law means that the Headteacher may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Requesting leave of absence can only be made by the parent/carer the child resides with and must be done in writing, in advance, to the Headteacher, but will only be considered under exceptional circumstances.


Exceptional Circumstances

(You may be asked to provide written evidence in certain circumstances)

Not Exceptional Circumstances

(These are examples of reasons which are not deemed exceptional)

Return of parent from active service (Forces)

Cheaper holiday dates

Death or terminal illness of a parent, step-parent, sibling, grandparent

Attendance at a wedding or christening

Young carers

Visiting relatives whether abroad or in the UK

Disability or respite leave

Limitations on parents’ leave entitlements/dates


If leave of absence is taken without authorisation, it will be recorded as unauthorised. Concerns regarding unauthorised absence could result in parents/carers being subject to a Fixed Penalty Notice of £60 per child (rising to £120 if unpaid), and will be issued by the Education Welfare Service. The decision whether to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice will be based on a consideration of your child’s current and previous academic year’s unauthorised absence.


Please see our Attendance Policy for more information


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