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Medical Information


Drugs and Medicines

Staff are not normally expected to administer drugs to children. The following points are offered as guidance. If you want more details please ask to see the Drugs and Medicines policy at the office.

  •  All requests concerning medicine should be addressed to the Pastoral Care Worker.
  • Parents may administer doses of antibiotics, etc. during the school day by prior arrangement with the school office.
  • We are unable to apply sun cream so children need to come into school with cream on and we would advise that a sun hat be supplied.
  • Asthma medication will be kept in the classroom.

Medical Information

It is generally recognised that if children are not well enough to go outside for playtime/lunchtime, then they are not well enough to be in school.

Please click on the link below to view the recommended advice from the local educational authority, with regard to the period of exclusion from the school on account of infectious illness.

Guidance on infection control 2014

If you believe your child has an illness which may be contagious, please seek medical advice and only return your child to school when doctor has said it is OK.

When a child has a temperature above 37C or 99F it is not advisable to attend school.

Special Medical Needs

Please inform the school in writing if there are any changes in your child’s health that we should know about. Children with special medical needs are listed in a handbook for all staff. We ask parents to give us all the relevant details to enable us to care properly for your child.

If you have any concerns about your child’s special medical needs, please do not hesitate to talk to the Associate Head Teacher / Pastoral Care Worker.

We have close links with our school nurse and medical team. During their first year at school, all children will have medicals. Should any parent be concerned regarding the health or development of their child, please mention this to the Pastoral Care Worker and an appointment can be made with the school nurse.

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