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Ad Astra Infant School

We Are Proud To Be A Gold Level Rights Respecting School

Rights Respecting 

Ad Astra Infant School is a Rights Respecting school and has been awarded the Gold award from Unicef UK.

We ensure that children are confident in knowing their rights, which are written in the form of 42 articles (published by the United Nations Convention on Human Rights of the Child). Through our teaching and ethos, we ensure that children benefit from their rights, and are respectful of the rights of others.

At the start of each school year, the children think about what will make their classroom a happy place to learn, and they will draw up a charter based on children's rights. The charters explain what rights the children have and, as a joint class decision, we agree on the behaviour we will show in order for all children to access their rights. We also agree on what the adults in our school community should do in order to support these rights.

We continually link our teaching to the articles and refer to them when talking about behaviour. We also enjoy spreading the word about children’s rights!

Stand Up and Be Counted - Rights Respecting Launch week

Across the TEACH Trust we had a whole week where we launched into our Rights Respecting journey. We mixed the children into new classes for the week where they learnt about one of the Rights and made a banner which represented what their chosen Right was about. We had a celebration assembly at the end of the week where all the children shared their banners and what they had learned.

Surya's Story

Year 1 were very lucky to take part in a workshop where they learnt all about Fairtrade through Surya's story. Some children then took part in a twilight workshop where they learnt some drumming from the team which they loved! These children then took part in a march with the other schools in the TEACH Trust to Ad Astral Square where they put on a performance of drama, dance and music to tell Surya's story. We were very lucky to then get to perform this at the Trust Summer Concert to audience of 1400 people!